Top three coaches:

If you guys could sit down and have dinner and talk training(past or present) with any three coaches who would it be!!! Mine: No brainer:

  1. Charlie Francis: for speed
  2. Louie Simmons: for strength
  3. Mel Siff: for his overall scientific knowledge of sports science and actual real world training experience.

My list would like identical to yours, frit.

mine would be …

  1. Anthony Robbins (from Personal Power/Get the edge…the guy is a f*ing genius!)
  2. Peter Stanley (J.Edwards former coach)
  3. John Smith (has a goat)

Would have Charlie Francis in reserve as to save some money. (no point paying to have him at dinner when he’s got a jolly good forum for us to chat to him ;))


Mine Would be:

  1. Buddy Morris

  2. Tom Myslinski

  3. Val Nasedkin(Omegawave)

Maybe some day there will be a round table summit with all of the best trainers/coaches just tossing ideas around.

Mark M

  1. Tony Little
  2. Richard Simmons
  3. Suzanne Somers

Had to throw some sarcasm into the mix.

how was john basedow not included?

With Anthony Robbins, you’ll be paying seminar prices and he will send a fill-in- and I don’t get dinner. (That’s why he’s a genius and I’m a chump!)
Stanley will say Grace.
John will keep the cost down, however, as he’s bringing his own goat, which should be enough to serve everyone.

Looks like you’ve covered “all bases”

Abadjiev and Grikurovi

oh yeah, i forgot, my second pick.

Roman, Medevedev, Zatiorsky and a translator

  1. Charlie Francis
  2. Mel Siff
  3. John Davies (Just to see him pitch a “renegade” temper tantrum when all his retarded ideas are proved incorrect)

How bout
Cara Wakelin
Charlie Francis
Krista Kelley

Charlie for stimulating conversation and the other 2 for stimulation.
Plus all 3 hail from Ontario so easy access to all in one location.
Though 2 of them may be getting their mail forwarded to a famous Holomby Hill address…

Heh, that would be hilarious.

  1. Charlie Francis
  2. Mel Siff
  3. Valdimar Zatsiosrky

Abadjiev,Bottom,Francis (strict alphabetical order).

Hey! I don’t know about those other guys, but I’ll be seeing Pakewi here next week. Looking forward to it as always!

Bergan, Francis, Marsh

While you are up in Toronto Pakewi don’t forget about this summer! I would like to coach with you over in Italy.

  1. Tony Little (that guy with the pony-tail on those elliptical machines)
  2. The Bow-Flex commercial guy who has no clue what he’s talking about
  3. Charlie Francis

1. Supervenomsuperman
2. Timothy Lane
3. DB Hammer

Actually, one of the Bowflex guys is Tom Purvis and he happens to know a hell of a lot. He just has managed to forget it all during those infomercials. Check it out: