Top Ten Weight Room Moves

I saw this on the old forum. Just wondering for an updated opinion. Heres mine in no particular order.

1.Hip Snatch(not frm deadstop, u loose the reactive effect)
2.Push Jerk(again you get the reactive effect, safely loaded)
3.Squat(great strength builder, activates a huge percentage of bodies motor unite)
4.Snatch Grip Deadlift(same as squat, especially his the p-chain hard)
5.Bench Press(Again, a great upper body strength builder, activates more motor units that any other upper body move, a way to stimulate the nervous system without taking away from legs muscular pool)
6.Pull/Chin Up(Strengthens back and lats, rear delts)
7.Bent over row(Same as pull/chin up, but horizontally)
8.Glute Ham Raise(hammers the p-chain, good way to work hamstrings knee flexor function)
9.Abdomal Work(helps with stabilization, transfer of forces into ground, etc…)
10.Hypers(important isometric effort in sprinting, like role of abdominals?)

(I count med ball work and plyo as part of my track workout)

for me this is my top 10:

  1. squat
  2. power clean
  3. stiff leg deadlift
  4. hang snatch
  5. barbell lunges
  6. bench press
  7. military press
  8. pull ups/rows
  9. jump squats
  10. deadlifts

my top 10 in no order:

  1. bench press
  2. Parallel Squat
  3. Any clean variation
  4. Military Press
  5. Reverse Leg Press
  6. Seated Rows
  7. Deadlift
  8. Clean and Jerk
  9. Incline Press
  10. Any type of Snatch variation


2.good morning
4.bent over row
5.OH press
9.glute ham raise
10.OH squats