Top speed progression

Heres a question for the forum.

Im very interested in how members are progressing in top speed work. I plan on introducing flying 20s into my program soon, but am not really sure where to go from there. For example in wk one Ill do 4x 20fly20(20m lead, flying 20). Now as the weeks progress should I increase the reps, OR increase the lead zone to allow for faster times, OR increase the distance of the fly zone?? And what is the forum doing in incorporating longer sprints that incorporate top speed(40m+) in with flying work???

AND when entering a top speed phase, what percentage of the workout whould be devoted to such work?? I assume there would still be some 20’s and 30’s done in the workout to maintain acceleration as well as be a good primer for top speed work. But how much of the total volume is generally being allocated for top speed??


Increase the…
fly zone
lead in zone or
the # of reps???

Maybe nobody here can understand what you are asking.

Thats quite possible…I often confuse myself when I write, or even speak.

Ill try again…I have a 4wk block where I want to work on top speed. I was wondering how people on the forum are structuring their programs in this phase of training. During my accel phase, the longest distance I went to was 40m. And for my top speed phase Ill be doing sprints out past 50m and flying sprints.
Lets say wk1 I do 3 reps of flying 20s with a 20m lead in followed by 2-50m sprints.
The following wk should I…
1.) Increase the lead in zone to 30m with a 20m fly…or
2.) Leave a 20m lead in zone and increase the fly zone out to 25 or 30meters…or simlply…
3.)Add a rep so Im then doing 4 x flying20 with a 20 lead

I hope that was a lil clearer

The second part of my question was…if Im using both longer sprints and flying sprints to attack top speed work, should I use one workout focusing more on the long sprints and one focusing on the flying sprints?

2-50m sprints
5-flying 20s

2-flying 20s

Or might it be useful to do the same workout twice in a week?

What might work best for someone with very slow top speed(comparatively). Standing 30…3.7 compared to 3.4 flying 30.

Ok, i got it,
you´re running in blocks,
i mean, your train is composed of blocks of train
and will be a block from 3 weeks we´re you´ll work your top speed right ?
But why not run all speed every day ?

I would increase the lead in zone. As you progress through your training, and as your MaxV improves you will accelerate longer, so increasing the lead in zone will allow for a higher overall speed.

Alex is a good teacher, i believe he´s already past for this sometime.