top speed and sprinting form

tyson gay has great top speed and speed endurance 0,143 1,90 1,04 0,92 0,88 0,85 0,85 0,85 0,85 0,86 0,86… im in high school and i run a 10.8…how can i lower my time im sure it has alot 2 do with top speed and speed endurance because my top three electronic timed 40-yard dashes are,4.40 but i’ve lost weight so they should be faster…old weight:194lbs new weight:180lbs…please dont reply if u aren’t an expert…please reply if you are a moderator… i would like to know what good form is and what sprinters should i emulate

ur in HS and u run 10.8 FAT ! thats FAST

stick with what u have been doing so far. it seems to work

Running 10.8, listen to your highschool coach, demand an expert when your running 10.2 and arent asking which sprinters form you should emulate.

Jeez, give the kid a break.

I agree. Top speed is by far the hardest thing to develop. Keep working with your coach as there are no shortcuts to top speed. Maybe we could provide comments if you could post a video.

my coaches dont teach us anything all they do is tell us to run they barely do anything but condition us…wat is the problem i just want some help from a few veterans…i will post a video in a few weeks…im not sure about form so i just run

Sometimes thats the best thing you can do, just run!

Do you do any gym training?

Go easy on the veterans tag, some of us aren’t that old!

ok i understand…i have been reading many posts on this site for the last couple of days and they have answered many of my questions…i know yall get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again…Running 10.8, listen to your highschool coach, demand an expert when your running 10.2 and arent asking which sprinters form you should emulate.No offense but 10.8 is not my best time 10.6 is my best but my average is 10.8…i know that i dont run a 10.2 thats the reason why i joined this site…I need help…im sure yall can help me bcuz i managed to get my time down from a 11.5 avg to a 10.8 avg just by researching…so all im asking is to recieve advice from people who have already accomplished what im trying to accomplish

Concentrate on yourself and work on being totally relaxed. if you get the forum review or do a bit of work and search the forums, you can find some extensive descriptions of sprint technique.

thanks… i read all of the threads that related to my issue…the main thing that helped me was relaxing…i finally figured out how to relax…i ran a few hand timed 100’s while relaxing and to my suprise they were the same as my pb i ran them 4 times…the relaxation technique that work best 4 me was turn your muscles off and do the opposite of what a body builder would do…when i did this it felt like i turn off the brakes…

the thing that gets me if you relax to much, how do you find the balance? If i relax i feel like i can go fast however no power is generating from my legs. I tried this at a meet completely relaxed and ran a bad time.

Not that I have ever found the “magical relaxation” but I think you aren’t supposed to change things the day of a meet. Relax in practice and then do the same in the meet as you do in practice. I imagine that, regardless what you do, changing something for a meet is probably not a good idea.

Are your pbs handtimed or electric? Who was timing the practice and what method?

the first two were hand timed:10.6,10.61
the other 2 were electronic:10.65,10.68