Top End Speed And Acceleration...

Charlie and others,

I know that it’s been talked about before but I would like further clarification if you wouldn’t mind.

Regarding top end speed and acceleration. I know that Charlie mentioned that once acceleration is in place and then one starts to work on top end speed that both can and will effect both ends of the speed curve. (Sprinting Volume - pg 8 of sprint archives) What would be suggested when you only have to train for a max distance of 25m - 30m like in bobsleigh? How much does that concept really come into play? How does this affect emphasis on training? Remember you’re pushing a 250lbs. Does the concept of speed reserve come into play? As a note, the top Canadian 2-man breakman (Zardo - sp?) ONLY does Olympics lifting and basic strength lifts!

PLEASE NOTE - this is NOT a thread to start to argue whether or not to say elite Olympic lifters can outperform elite Sprinters to 30m. THEY CAN’T!!! This is a bobsleigh push SPECIFIC!

I think Seagrave advocated focusing on max velocity, because everything (acceleration) is a %age of that max. So, maybe the concept of speed reserve does have value. I guess the thing would be on improving max velocity without a focus on the technical side of things (eg. stepping over).

Yes but remember your pushing a bobsleigh that weighs 250lbs. How much speed reserve is necessary?

I suggest you to post on the getting involved in the sport of bobsled thread in the other sports section, you’ll find something interesting.I can add that top speed may be of interest for the pushing athlete, because you sprint more than 30 meters and you do so downhill,then achieving higher speed that otherwise you wouldn’t attain after a brief course.

have you found what you needed in the other sports section?

NO, not really. I think that I’m going to have a gander at the Weightlifters vs. Sprinters thread. Maybe something will show up there.

It would be interesting to know what the exit velocities are at the end of a 30m push phase in bobsleigh. I know that different tracks have different angles but I’m sure that no exit velocity at the point of entry (jumping in the bobsleigh) is 15m/sec. Anyone have anything at all on exit velocities???