Top cues/concepts for Sprinting

In looking at the 100 and 200, what are the top 2-3 things that you would like an athlete to concentrate on during each phase of the race, or even narrow it down to 1 or 2 things. Keep in mind I am working from the High School viewpoint. Start, Accel, Transition, top end etc…

Posture, Frequency


wait for it (where have I heard that one, hmmmmm)


If you listen to the rhythm of your footsteps as you sprint, would that be a hindbrain or forebrain activity? If its hindbrain this could maybe be used as a cue to turn everything off and run, if you don’t want to focus on anything technical during a certain run.

Tell the athletes to keep their shoulders down and relaxed and pump the arms. Everything else will take care of itself from there.

Do you force your shoulders down>?

from my point of view when teaching athletes of high school ages i would tell them just to run.JUST RUN! you will find alot of them to be pretty sound unless they have been coached by a plonker who knows nothing about sprinting or biomechanics.

the main thing is to keep it very basic…so JUST RUN!

I read in a track and field omni book that Bud Winter, coach of Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Lee Evans, said to think “faster, looser” and not “quicker, harder”

elbows down and back