Tools for scam SAQ training.

On CP’s website:

I will only pick 3 items because I have no intention of writing a book on it, but I want to at least educate the readers out there on the false claims of SAQ programs. Lets look at some of the tools they use.

Just for laughs, what 3 tools do you think he is refering to?

My top three:

  1. Parachutes
  2. Overspeed bands
  3. Ladders

what about tubing for faster running arms? It makes a great giant slingshot!

So, what do you guys think of quick-foot ladders as a training tool for sprinters? Do they help, or are the most effective for people training for football, soccer, etc? I’m pretty eager to hear people’s opinion on this one…

Can we get a link to the thread on this topic from the old forum?

I find dot mats good to teach change of direction skills for good football players (that are bad athletes). Most just play hoops and get better through time and experimentation. Save the ladders for painters and princes from old romance tales.

Dot mats? Is this where you jump in some random or programmed pattern between some dots arranged in a square on the floor. Do you have any protocols to share? I’ve been working with some guys who seem to have some potential but need work on COD skills. Thanks!

We use dot mats, and there is a dot near each of the four corners of a rubber mat (roughly in a square shape) and one in the middle. There are a lot of patterns and variations you can do, and usually it is programed. However, I have done some drills where you stand on the middle dot and the person in front of you has a command or signal and you would have to jump to the dot he indicated and back again as fast as possible. I think it works well. I’ll see if I can find a better way to explain some of the drills that are used.


The dot mats are 12 inch circles of rubber mats that are great instead of flags. I hate the dot drills (look like giant dice) since the their mechanics are too tight. When I look at games I try to look on head on or from behind since looking at the hips will never work…the feet are what is key but the hips do drive much of the action.

I like some programmed technique but keep it raw. Sometimes they just need a few reps of a movement to clean up a pattern.

Some use flash lights and tell them to smash the light like an ant (the ones one coach tells to look at during the drive phase) and this helps with planting.

If the exercise doesn’t get fast results too much forebrain is used.