too much speed created speed wobbles!

i was doing some 20m finnish drills of a 20m start, all done good
20m finnish drills of a 30m start all done faster

20m off a 40m start, and seemed to go faster than i have ever done. the hips were rotating like chalie says to incease stride by themselfs, the feet were stepping over, full extension was there and hip height, hip height i think i feel was much higher than i have ever felt before! i was running that high and fast i think i got speed wobbles? my hips twisted to much and my groin snagged… or something happened to it. its sore but not too bad. too bad for speed and hamstring max weights.
i have had speed wobbles before, but it was on grass and not real speed wobbles, more like crap grass tripping.
this was more like, everything fell into place and i was not ready to handle the high speeds??
i will know more tomorrow on how bad it is, things always seem better or worse the next day.

I recall in CFTS Charlie saying about athletes who came to him from other coaches and although the volume was considerably lesser they were tireder becasue they were in correct sprint position. Perhaps this is what happened to you given your description this was more like, everything fell into place and i was not ready to handle the high speeds??

Will be interesting to hear how it is today.

Well? no need to be a tease :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry john

Sat was when it happened

sun was day off training, father day and all. it felt fine doing daily things, no worries at all

Mon. today, felt fine all day doing daily things. come tempo session, i could feel the groin doing the tempo runs. it felt fine by the end. if felt 99% doing the explosive med ball throws and general med ball workout. fells fine now, 2hrs later.

I will put my tens machine on it for relaxing and getting the blood flow going, and then ice it before bed.

Tempo again tomorrow just to be sure, if it still is there, i will do gym work too, see how it handlles weights??

Just play it safe. Are you planning on competing this season?

i havnt competed in years!! i got the bug back and im ready to race, and race often.

had tuesday off, due to be my 1st speed endurance day off my Spp1. went to the track, and schools were using it. went to another track, at a uni, and coulndt find a car park within 5klm!!?? got pissed off and went home, total time, 2hrs!!
today i did my speed endurace session, going easy, groin felt ok at those speeds, but i think any faster it may hurt. 1st week might be all speed endurance untill the groin is 100%. will give legs a bit of going over at the gym too tonight.
all in all, spp aint too bad. Speed enduracne is pretty slow really, go for 20m and then maintain. its not too hard and the groin lasted well.