Too late to begin?

Hi everyone
after being into junior tennis,I started with road running.A former professional runner told me that I could have been good in sprinting.
I just did a 200 meter trial,on a track,in 25 seconds(approximately because I took the time on my own).

I know it’s nothing special,but I would really like to give it a try.
I am almost 22.
Do you think it is too late,or I am not fast enough for sprinting?

Thank you very much

It’s never too late. Don’t waste your talent.

Join a good team and give it a try.

even if you don’t became a talent in sprinting, you can enjoy and being good sprinter in your league

agree 100% and while success is important their are also social and health benefits

Gerrard mach according to his manual took up sprinting at 20 and reduced his times from 12, 23.6 and 53.6 for the 100/200/400 to 10.6/21.4/47.4. Great times for that era.
Your talent will emerge after years of smart training.

Never heard of him,but he must have been someone really talented…I’d like to have even the half of this talent.

Give it a shot and watch your body transform from tennis type to sprinter type. The ladies and you will like that. lol

Steve Peters
[i]The sense of ordinariness disappears once you ask him to take you through his modest, belated athletic career. He ran from 13 to 15 but it wasn’t like he was the next Roger Black. He stopped after two years and didn’t return for 10 years. Even then, it was twice-weekly training sessions and low-key competition at the weekend. It was fun, nothing more.

At 40, Peters thought to hang up his spikes. Someone told him about the masters circuit. “I changed my mind about retiring and for the first time in my life decided to take athletics seriously. I started weights, I went to the gym, which I had never done, I did speed endurance sessions. It was bizarre: my times just kept dropping until I was 44 and hit 10.9s for the 100m. From nowhere, I was third in the East of England rankings and someone wrote about an up-and-coming athlete, young Stephen Peters. I got a letter inviting me to join this Olympic training camp. I wrote back and said, ‘Actually, I’m an old man, I’m not up- and-coming at all, I’m 44’. But I was loving it, really enjoying seeing my times drop.”

At the age of 46 he ran 22.21s for the 200m; he became masters 200m world champion at 50, running 22.5s. “At the time I was beginning my work with elite athletes and I would look at myself, thinking, ‘You can’t go out there in a world of elite sport with this random approach to your own training’. I structured my training, I worked on my mental skills and realised I had exactly the same concerns as the athletes I was working with — anxieties, feeling pressure, insecurities, that feeling of things getting out of control.”

Peters learnt to train his mind, which was the right starting point for the exercise that would dominate the rest of his life. He returned to the track last week, early preparation for his 2009 season, and ran 11.7s for 100m. As his fitness improves, he hopes to get that time down to 11.4s or 11.3s. He is 55 years of age.

ahaha sounds great!

So,this man is definitively a champion!
Thanx for posting it

I took it up at 30, so I certainly hope that 22 is not “too late”!

and “too late” for what? an olympic medal or just enjoying yourself??

Obviously not for olympic…ahah

Oh crap,

I started sprinting at 34. I better stop now because I won’t win the Olympics. I can’t even win heats in an all-comers meet!

Running a 10.9x in the 100 metres is a huge accomplishment no matter what way you break it down. I WISH I could run a 10.99 in my lifetime, I would die a happy man!

So,I’d like to do something like that…lol

42 with absolutely no T&F background…it shows :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s never too late, I’m 35 and I’m going to start sprinting again soon. 22 is young man, get out there and do it!

Good luck

Apart masters,does anyone know about athletes who started at my age?

Wasn’t Linford Christie a late starter to track?

I still have this adductor strain,after 6 weeks it’s still here…I can’t wait,I’d like to start workin’out…

Donovan Bailey sprinted in high school, then not again until he was in his early twenties.