Tonemaster 2100 Electronic Muscle Stimulator

i would like to know the quality of the this ems machine. if the anybody have a response please respond. if you have any report of info. please response.

Tonemaster 2100 Electronic Muscle Stimulator.

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Can you post some info on the machine?
How many leads?
How much?
What do the controls allow you to do?

Sleek 5 station main control panel
10 molded soft vinyl conductor pads
5 dual lead conductor lead sets
the price has range from 50.00 dollar to 200.00 dollars from different site
i have seen anything about the controls but i do know that they are all indiviual controled so all five dual pads have there own setting.

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What are the contraction/relaxation options? (ie 10sec contr 50sec rest etc)

i cl the place and they said that it has two mode and the mode are3.75 per sec which comes to 16 min and the other mode is 2.1 sec which comes to 28.6 per min that is the contraction

Doesn’t sound like it has strength-building function.

which one do you recommend and which is better a tens unit or ems machine to build strength

I don’t have a specific machine to recommend at the moment but a few points to consider.
An EMS machine can serve as a tens unit but not the reverse.
Look for machines with the timing possibility for long holds and long rest periods- ie 10/50sec.

thanks for all the help and if you have any acceleration works please pass on to me

I suppose you’re talking about electroestimulation. I’m not sure (the spanish term is EENM, ElectroEstimulación Neuro Muscular, in english???).

Now I think that the more advanced EMS machines are actually from Europe, and my trainer have been working for many years on EMS enterprises.

I don’t know if the terms I’m going to use are accurate, by I only know the spanish words for that…

The most important think on a EMS machine is to have a correct impulse for a good contraction feeling. Well, not only for that, a bad impulse can burn the skin, and with the correct impulse you can use highest intensities (mA) with a more or less “good” sensation.

The frequency of the impulse is also important in a EMS machine, so some fibres (white ones) are only excited with a high frequency (much explosive, more frequency). But that kind of fibres can only be excited for a short period of time… after that they becomes exhausted. So this are the two variables that they use to play: contraction and rest periods.

The most important enterprises uses a predefined programs on their machines, playing with those variables, making explosive strength programs (100-120 Hz with 2.5-3 seconds hold and 25-30 s. rest), tens programs or another like capilarization (multiply x5 the blood irrigation of the zone).

Here the “stronger” company is Compex, with it’s last moder, Compex Sport 500, that makes an optimum impulse, playing with the response of the body at the impulses (they called MI, Mulscle Intelligence their method), and with a high number of programs. There is also a Compex model (few years ago, I don’t know if it exists now…), programmable, where you can create your own programs, playing yourself with the variables (frequency, width of the impulse, hold and rest period). Of course, it has the correct impulse… (rectangular form). The other company with a correct impulse system is Winform, with more or less the same programs, but without MI. I can search for the prizes, if you are interested, I think they are… 500-600$ for Winform models and 700-900 for Compex ones.

Hope it interest… If someone wants some more technical info, I could search (or ask) for some.


Compex is a good machine

…and very expensive machine…

Yes, it’s true… very expensive model. But after testing some different machines, quality is paid. The only one I have tested that has the same impulse quality (and realy has, it’s not only feeling) is Winform… I think that some cheapers EMS are just to “play”. Very limitate to train.

Really, if someone would like to buy a EMS, I’ld recomend not to buy a “simple machine”. It’s like throw money.