Tom Green's Training Profile.

I thought some of you guys would like some of this material.

I don’t understand the 3 Workouts in oneday…
To me it seems he can do all that in a 5-6 hr span.
i.e. from 10 am to 2:30- or 2:30 pm

Can anyone explain this to me?


Kenny Mac~~

No idea, but the program seems to be a lot of weightlifting for a sprinter.

No disrespect, but is it ok, to write you PB is 10.10 when assisted 3.6 and the best legal time measured is 10.3X?

This seems like an enormous volume of work.

Sure :slight_smile: It is his PB, he actually ran the time. Doesn’t count towards records but it is still a PB :slight_smile:

best of luck tom and follow your dreams.

Yeah, all respect for a time like that … and 20.77. How can anyone say anything about it, he ran in that time. Point. Case closed. By the way, he’s white! Hope for us whiteys! I assume he was the only white finalist in the 100 in the 2002 champs when he got 7th?