Toe up running device

Have recently been told that i have a habit of striking the ground with my toes pointing down. Whilst I will be working on drills etc. to get the correct foot strike I have heard that there are devices (assume not that complicated) that can also assist.

Has anyone used them before? If so were they of value?
And/or does anyone know where one can purchase online?


Foot Flexr?

Have found this called the foot flexr. Has anyone used it?

Theoretically, the premise may be right. However, our experience is two-fold. Range of motion at the joint differed for each athlete. With many, it provided a stiff, uncomfortable effect.

Subsequently, the device didn’t allow increasing degrees of freedom after amortization and prior to touchdown. Though there may be some benefit, from a kinesthetic standpoint, during the rotational phases. However, I doubt the full cycle.

Be careful when deliberatly dorsiflexing your foot before footstrike. I injured my knee slighly when I first started trying to aquire this skill.

Without thinking, I tensed the muscles so hard there was no way my calf could absorb all the force I was putting through it. I was out of action for 3 weeks. Not my greatest achievement in life.

I have used the foot flexr before. I thought it was a good product before as it seemed to increase my turnover as the product said. However I have suffered from lower limb, specifically achilles/deep toe flexor, problems for about the last 4 years which ive finally had sucessfully treated! :slight_smile:

I would say that in my case there is a good correlation between the foot flexr and the injuries due to the device holdling the ankle in a fixed range of motion and causing inflexibility.

Thanks for the feedback. Found a local supplier in AUS and it is relatively cheap so I have purchased.

I was only thinking of using it in the mid stages of the warm-up, during 50-60% run throughs and drills.

What kind of work were you doing whilst using the flexr?