To get a scholarship to a dI school what do you need in the 100?

like what kinda time you need for d1 and d2 schools to look for you

It all depends on how good the d1 program is. There are programs such as LSU, Texas, Tennessee, TCU which will look for a sub 10.50 and schools such as Syracuse, Monmoth, Binghamton, Colgate, Northeastern, Rhode Island who will look for perhaps a sub 11.

what about east coast schools?Virginia tech, Unc, Miami ,florida state would they look for a sub 10.70 runner?

Yes. Even sub 10.80 should be fine. However it may also depend on what your other times are for say the 60, 200, 400. Also may depend on your high schools reputation. For example if you ran a 10.79 this yr. and they know that your high school had a crappy program and your coach had you do basically nothing they will know that you ran that time off of natural talent and with some decent coaching you can be alot better.

I ran with a Junior last year who ran 11 flat and he got a fully paid scholarship to Michigan, he came in around 12th or something in Provincials so I guess that is basically what it takes, although in the City finals he kicked everyones ass by at least .3 seconds

my friend doesnt do anything, he just shows up to meets, he currently runs sub 10.9 with consistancy.

ok ok so what would i need to run for unc(at chapel hill) to send me letters offering a scholarship?

a rough guess would be around 10.5 by your Senior year, they might accept a little higher times but your gona have to be close to mid 10s I think

Depends what they are looking for. Best thing to do would be try and get in contact with the coach.

I was a DII coach last year and still help with the sprinters. You need to contact UNC’s track office and fill out paper work to start with (Bio, etc.). The coach will contact you or talk to you that day. You need to be up front and ask what it takes to get a scholarship for their team. Most coaches have no problem talking about this since all athletes are interested in money. But to start with call the coaches and fill out a bio, even check their webpage. We have a questionnaire to fill out online. Maybe they do. If you have any questions, just PM me. Hope this helps.

And take note that these times must be FAT…D1 coleges don’t mess with handtime unless they know in your area that thats all you can get…I run 10.8ht (11.25 FAT) and the NAIA schools are flocking towards me along wiht DIII schools. The only colleges that are DI that are looking for me is Ohio U and thats for the multi-events.