Tips on How to Make your own stuff.......

THis is a really stupid topic but I wanted to know if anyone has any good ideas on how to make weight equiptment or strength devices with the aid of their local hardware store!!! Here is what provoked this dumb thread from me!!
I was walking to class today and I saw a stop sign on campus with a tire and cement in it…why do I bore you with this idiot story??? Well I lift in the summers at my home in the basement on a concret floor, when I do deadlifts I cannot drop the weight to much cause I might crack the concrete or maybe ruin the weights I spend so much damn money on (only us fools who lift know why :D) ANyhow the stop sign was attached to a long bar like a barbell, I thought that if you could add another tire on the other side then I could have a good dealdift/clean bar that I could do pulls or clean or snatches with and just drop, it would be alot cheaper to make these than buy rubber bumper plate,( I do not think I will ever make enough money to afford these in my liftime) :frowning: , Also the tires should be high enough to add real plates to the bar and not have them it the floor, only the tire hits…this is like a strongman tire bar??? here is a pic of kind of my idea…

You’re on the right track. Get 2 tires with rims.
Four 3/4" plywood discs and a bunch of 3/8" bolts. Sandwich the tire and rim between 2 plywood discs. If you’re using an OL or PL bar drill a 2 1/4" hole in the center of each disc.
Trailer tires are just a little bigger than 45’s, so you now have a set of bumper plates that will protect the floor and your iron plates.


TNT how much are rims?? I can get tires for free from pretty much any tire place but they do not have rims in em, that is why I though the cement might be cheaper…also I do not want to drill a hole in my olympic bar, cause it is the only one I got…could I go to a hardware store and buy a 30 dollar metal pipe as long as it is the same diameter as a regular barbell?( these are not as sturdy as a real barbell but if I filled it with quik dry cement it would make it alot less bendable and heavier :slight_smile: )Not really sure if I am making sense but I am just trying to save cash and have some new and cool stuff to try this summer!!!

Drill the holes in the plywood which goes on both sides of the tire. You might be able to get away without using rims. You might need about 6 bolts to keep the plywood from shifting. I buy a brand new squeaky clean tire and rim for about $55 CDN. Great for training outdoors in the summer.