Timing of Weights with SE2

In the following set-up:

1 Speed
2 Tempo
3 SE1
4 Tempo
5 Speed
6 SE2
7 Rest

Charlie recommends weights on days 1, 3 and 6. I worry about recovery with this, as CNS intense work is done over 4 rather than 3 days.

Is weights on Day 5 (grouped with the speed- grouping the high CNS together) an option with the SE2 the following day? Weights on days 1, 3 and 5 has worked well for me and I feel fine for each session - dont want to ruin a good thing!

Bottomline, I suppose, is whether speed + weights (low vol) with SE2 (2 x 600) the next day seem plausible?

Thanks. If possible Charlie i would really appreciate any info.

^ up ya go!

what is your training age, events and PRs?

I think weights with SE2 is too much personally depending on what your second speed day consists of. Need more details please :slight_smile:

If you feel fine, and are making improvements, then why would you want to change? Stick with what works for you.

Should have clarified. Am looking to add an extra workout to a set-up I used coming back from a hamstring injury.

It was:
1 Acc + Weights
2 Tempo
3 SE 2 + Weights
4 Tempo
5 Acc + Weights
6 Tempo

I am now looking to step things up and add an extra SE1 workput with a cf style 400m set-up

1 Speed + Weights
2 Tempo
3 SE1 + Weights
4 Tempo
5 Speed (+ Weights???)
6 SE2 (+ Weights???)

Charlie has stated previously to do the weights on day 6 after SE2 and strength endurance work, but I was wondering about keeping the high CNS variables together and doing weights on day 5 with speed.


Sorry, I’m not going to be much help for the 400 (I try not to run anything over 100m :slight_smile:

However, why not just use your first setup and change one of the acc days to SE1? I think that recovery would be an issue with the second setup, but again, since it is the 400 maybe the intensities are low enough that you’ll be ok. Any 400m experts out there to clarify?

Thanks xlr8!

Overtraining is always the problem. Changing one of the acc days to SE1 is a good option but will there be enough speed work??