Timing 400m

Maybe Sprint Training is not the right place for it, but I could not find a better one for training accessoires like stop watches, so maybe somebody could help me:

Are there any stopwatches that can be set to multiple alarms, even in the range of seconds or giving signals in a few seconds intervals?

Could anyone recommend online shops or shops in the UK selling such articles?

(Reason: I would like to set a watch like that in a 400m training run to get a beep every 6 seconds to make sure I run every 50m at the same pace, to make sure I run something like: 50m:7s, 100m: 13s, 150m:19s, 200m: 25s, 250m: 31s, 300m: 37s etc…)

Any hints apreciated…

We use several methods. The most effective is the Pro Time Circuit Interval Timer with external horn from Chronomix. Requires AC power. http://www.everythingtrackandfield.com/detail.aspx?ID=3865

For time trial work, we use the FS-1 from Fitsense. It’s a comprehensive system that uses a watch, foot pod, heart monitor and netlink for downloading to a computer. The watch can be preset for pace or speed zone registering. http://www.fitsense.com/.

Is there anything you can hold in your hand or take anywhere you might want to do time trials or hold a training session? It seems like this device you speak of isn’t portable.

Thanks TMSSF. Looks like the “FS-1” is what I was looking for. I just don’t know if it can give a beep every 6 seconds for 5-8 times in a row. But I guess it can.

Just like da Governor I need something more mobile the the other, the “big thing” you recommended. Sounds cool though, but it’s quite expensive - I think I needed a sponsor to buy that :wink:

In truth of fact, the Chronomix is more portable and easier to set up than the Fitsense. It takes us less than 5 minutes to setup (the intervals are preset prior to use at the site). The drawback is the for an AC outlet. No problem in our fieldhouse and power is provided at trackside outdoors.

With Fitsense, the athlete straps the watch on, wraps the foot pod on the laces of a shoe (preferably the same side the watch is on) and presses the START button on the watch when beginning the rep. The netlink device is attached to a Toshiba Libretto (very light) and upload begins when the session is completed via watch to netlink communications.

We setup the FS-1 to initially reach the pace (FAST) that we want (1st beep). Then subsequent beeps (SLOW) occur when that pace regresses. With cones, the athlete can realize when and where problems occur (assuming some response delay).

With respect to the latter, I concur. We have used Coach Beeper (clyde Hart endorsed). However, the athletes seem to work better with the sound from the Pro Timer Blaster Horn.