Time between track and weights

I start school in two weeks, so I won’t be able to start training until atleast 3:30ish if I run on the track at school (30 mins away from home). At earliest I would be done at 5:00, not getting home till 5:30.

So my problem is how to fit weights in… I can’t do it right after my running session becaues of the commute, but waiting till 9 is impracticle and impossible (gym hours). Can I put two hours inbetween running and lifting (7 PM) without to much problem?

Thanks for your input


If your choice is to put 2 hours between the track and weights or not lift at all, what do you think?

in a crunch i just lift before school. no one is in the gym at 6am. :smiley:

When is this?

during field hockey season i run into the same time problem with lifting- my solution was to go to the gym which is 10 times nicer than the weightroom at my school and lift when it opened at 6am. it was a grueling and sleepless period of my life… but worth the sacrifice.

I will see when my gym opens in the morning. Thanks for the help guys.


For most of us (non-professionals) it is a case of - what can we make happen? - or how do we make it work around our paying jobs or college etc. - not how to best fit 2 sessions in?

0445 - 0545 PreTraining Nurition & Prepare food for Day ahead
0545 - 0645 Track/Speed/Tempo
0700 - 0830 Gym/Weights
0900 - The Real World Begins …

Why so early ?
A. How many distractions you think are around at 0600 ?
… either in the gym or on the track?
B. It works for me

the hardest thing about lifting first thing in the morning is getting your butt moving!
believe me i know, when i was at a previous college i had to hit the weights before classes 0700. man it stunk getting up, but the alternative to not showing up-getting booted- was far worse.
honestly, when you get there, personally i felt a sense of pride up on others for getting my work done before everyone else did.
also less distractions in the weightroom that early-big plus!