Tight quads when sprinting

My quads become unusually tight during/after speed workouts running 30m-60m. I’m wondering whether if this is just a problem stemming from having tight quads/hip flexors, or whether it could be a technical issue.

I get tore up in my quads from sprinting also.

A few considerations come to mind:

  • What does your warm up consist of
  • Is your GPP sufficient to safely render you ‘prepared’ for intensive acceleration/max v work
  • where do your sprint workouts fall within the weekly plan in relation to weight work

Hey James -

My warmup consists of brief static stretching and gradual run-ups until I feel warm and loose enough to sprint at full speed.

Is my GPP “sufficient”? I don’t know - i currently use a speed/tempo plan ala CFTS, and I wouldn’t know what to put in place of short sprints for speed workouts. If you’re going to suggest hills, they’re out of the question (weather) plus I wouldn’t see how hills would help me with this problem once I would return to the track.

-Speed before weights

schnig, your warm up looks grossly insufficient as a prelude for any intensive accelerations or max V work. I would bet my money that this is the reason for the tightness you experience in your quadriceps.

I work with over 60 athletes every day who perform intensive acceleration and agility drills three times per week and not a single athlete has ever complained of pain or tightness in the quadriceps as a result of the sprints.

Following are three DVD’s which (I’m guessing you don’t already own) offer some tremendous insights as to what a pre-intensive workout warm up should consist of:

  • Charlie’s GPP DVD
  • Parisi Warm Up Method (Parisi Speed School)
  • Magnificent Mobility (Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson)

I have gotten to the point where my tempo work really milks the body and my tonus sometimes even improves to better than it was before the HI workout.

This goes for everything EXCEPT the calves and achilles, which appear to have chronic tightness. Does anybody get this?

maybe it could also be a technical aspect. I fell my hamstrings during sprinting - not my quads…