Tight glutes

can excessively tight glutes cause a loss of hip extension?
Ive had a real issue with ‘low hips’ in spite of regular strength work to address this issue as well as streching hip flexors-- stil no improvement.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


check that out. a lot of people at elitefts.com have had good success with this hip program.

Foam rolling my friend.
Its not always about becoming stronger, its about releasing the tension that is there and unlocking the strength hidden with tightness

Massage (deep tissue)

just been reading some old posts and thinking about how i feel sore in my hamstrings after running and squatting but rarely in my glutes;

‘If your overly sore in the hamstrings and not in the glutes,hips when sprinting it could be a sign of weak glutes and they are not firing properly so your hamstrings have to overcompensate the workload’

Would this be an indication of weakness, tightness or both?