The place where i live

I live in a three floors house, so the kitchen is on the 1st
the bed rooms at 2nd and the computer & tv room is on the 3rd level.
I guess there´s about 30 degrees from 1st to 3rd levels.
I´m not sure but i guess i “climb” this stairs about 30 or 40 times a day, i used to get 2 degrees for each step, and never slows, always fast, not maximum speed but fast.
I guess this could be a problem for my body recovery, because even with soreness or some pain in muscle, i don´t have choices, it´s my place, so, i can leave only in the 1st level.
Have you had some athlete with this kind of problem ?
I know, this question looks crazy but is my reality and i must learn how can i take some profit from this litle things…
Maybe one degree for each step :slight_smile: at maximum velocity

I don’t know much about the stairs thing. I just wanted to tell you something else. I really like the photos you add up there beside your nick. I believe they are the best among the other members. Keep that up. As for the stairs. I have the same problem for 2 floors. But then come on. Don’t worry much, I guess its so simple to even worry about. take care

Man, you was just straight ahead…
Tk u
I´ll try not thing in “simple” things but if don´t who will ?

My house is 2 miles from the track where i used to train,
i´m thinking about let my car on garage and do some walk to train,
could be a good idea ?
I guess could be a very good pre-warmup.
And maybe a good warm down too.

I have to walk for about 5 - 7 minutes to get to my training area, and its a great pre-warm up and cool down as opposed to just hopping in the car. However, 2 miles seems pretty long to me (mine is only about 1/3 - 1/2 mile away). Also, is the distance flat or are there hills?

Acutally, it is a nice place around here, without builds a few houses, it´s almost a walk on the park,
but, there´s a long down hill in the midle of the route, so, there´s a up hill too.
I´m not sure but i guess it will cost me at least 30 minutes before trains + 30 minutes after.
Could be tough on the 1st days, but could help me too with the relaxation thing.

Damn I have to take a 30 minute bus trip, or jump on the subway and then on a bus and even then it’s also 30 minutes!!!

Well, i guess you´re warming very well :wink:

ummm no, I just sit on my ass for 30 minutes… ok gotta go
by the way, I’ll try to get the new uniform and shoe pictures up today!!! (after the indoor competition

Well, today is a free day to me, not a givens day, but more like a free day.
I´m gonna try the walk way…home–>track / track–> home…just to know how “hard” it will be, the only difference is that will be all what i´ll do,
so, no run at track, just a long walk to go and a long walk back ( and some jogging too ).