The perfect endurance athlete.

According to a previous thread this man, due to his long term resistance training has no fast twitch muscle fibers, making him the perfect endurance athlete. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that or not? :confused:

are you joking

I don’t beleive that pic is real. Looks photoshopped.

even if he did have no fast twitch fibres (impossible due to the shear size of his muscles - slow twitch fibres would never hypertrophy to that level), he would be too heavy to move more than 100m anyway. what a joke

long term resistance training produces no fast twitch fibers?

Nice joke. The picture is fake.

According to martn76’s post all ft muscle fibers turn to st when doing resistance training so I just wanted some confirmation as to where that is a fact. Apparently it’s more likely to occur with body builders due to their type of training.

That’s what I thought but apparently there is proof to support this. I don’t know how true it is though.

You couldn’t have just slow twitch anyway. No supported research shows fiber types changing, just taking on different qualities, but not totally changing. That is also a photoshopped picture of Marcus Ruhl I believe.

No resistance training doesn’t change all FT fibers to ST. Resistance training changes many FT IIb to FT IIa (a slowER FT fiber). I think you misunderstood him.

and slow twitch fibres arent the only thing that make an endurance athlete good. smaller is better for distance.

That’s what I thought but martn76 differs check it out:

That’s true but I was’nt meaning endurance runner, I meant endurace athlete, all sports people are athletes even body builders.

martn means they take on some endurance qualities (IIB to IIA), but there is no evidence to show it can change from type II (fast) to I (slow).

My sentiments exactly but if u read on u will see that apparently martn76 can pove that ft converts to st. That’s why I’m confused.

I have read the thread. Re-read what he says carefully.

bodybuilders are a from of endurance athlete, and power athlete.
on Arnolds normal training days, he would do sets with 30-45sec recovery!
on power days, a lot more.
THe amount of sets Arnold would go through used to chew up and spit out other bodybuilders that tried to train with him. Only other, top level, similiar background in training could hang on. he could bench 500lbs by the age of 19 or 20. and could bench later in his career, 225lbs for 60reps. Now that is endurance and strength.

And time under tension!

Wow…following on from the “Body Structure of the perfect sprinter” thread…look at El Guerrouj’s(sp?) achilles tendon.

It’s possibly one of the longest I have seen. Looks like a long achilles is the ultimate blessing, athletically?