The perfect endurance athlete.

lol that is what most successful running athletes have. i think donovan’s or crawford’s might be higher, but it’s hard to tell from the pics.

robb_p check it out. we made the same post.

Yeah, I was reading this thread and i saw the pic you posted … and I just thought… :eek:

Shaun Crawford:

Donovan Bailey (MUCH easier to get pics of this guy):

Looks to me like El Guerrouj’s achilles tendon is definately higher than Bailey’s. Not sure about Crawford though, I can’t find any good pics.

Hard to tell after only 1 el g pic.

sorry for the noob question but how do you post pics? ive got a pic of bob beamon and his calves are at least as high as crawfords, if not higher.

also there are top athletes who seem to not have superhigh calves like mj, bob hayes.

and you put the image url in there.

crawford pics:

with gay and trammell. gawd the form of gay. and he’s still in front. thats an ugly 60. crawford ended up winning though. by almost a tenth.

young crawford handing off to MJ(it came up searchign for crawford so idk)

el v kipchoge in 2003. kip was supposdly 19 at the time :rolleyes:

k now for some lagat pics:

not for the achillies but 1 2 and 3 at 1500m and the companionship. hardly the ben johnson shake off with Carl.

noah ngeny won gold in sydney and was on pace to destroy el g and lagat but got in a car wreck.

all 3 together. sucks for lagat to be 3rd best ever and pick up a bronze and a silver in 00 and 04.

on average it seems the topppp milers have a longer achillies than the top sprinters almost. perhaps the free work over 1500m where you don’t need to be have the acceleration to run 6.4’s to be world class is a more valuable trait than at 100.

sorry for spamming with pics, but in middle distance it seems to be nessicary to run fast.

even the 5’5 bekele(world record at 5k and 10k has a much longer achillies than the average 5’5 guy). same with tergat at marathon he has a longer achillies than most people who are 6’1.

geb(former 5000, 10000 wr holder) and tergat in sydney.

last set of distance pictures for everyone:

Wilson Kipketer, his 800m record will be around probably until they let someone run it down hill.

alot more defined than the other runners. i think he could of taken the kenyan national record at 44.2 or whatever and certaintly the danish national record. the guy opened sub 49 like it was fun.

i woulda spiked the guy for blocking me and making me kick from lane 4. kip is a better man than me.

its hard to see if he even has a calf muscle in this picture.

Wilson Kipketer, Poetry in motion. I have never seen such a fine display of running. He really made it enjoyable to watch.


your right ugly 60m would love to hear cf breakdown these guys tech.

ironic that we go back to talking about a pure sprint race in a thread intitled “the perfect endurance athelte”. i love this board.

does anyone else think his abs look like fingers? its fake i know but still. it looks like someones reaching into his back and has stuck their fingers through his stomach, and is about to rip him in half. if ya get me.

the first pic. yeah. absolutely.

Here is something I asked on another site with no response:

“Well if the foot/calf/achilles complex is so important why doesn’t anyone do specific calf work? Because it will add an extra 50grams to your lower leg weight? Oh but the calves are trained when you run so you don’t need to do them…yea so are the quads, glutes, and hams.”

So if the lower leg contributes minimally to sprint jump performance, who cares what their lower leg is like? Someone explain it to me, I don’t get it.

how can you compare calves to ham/glute/quads they are much bigger muscle groups that play a bigger role in sprinting and jumping.

Well I don’t know about you Mortac … but as a beginner, my calves were always smoked from my workouts.

If I hit a patch of overtraining, it was invariably my calves (the soleus particularly) or my grip.

These are two areas that are used frequently but most people feel like they don’t work them enough - yet mines get overworked easily.

Maybe I’m fast-twitch dominant?

Intressting to see that even white marathon runners have high calves.