The New Power Program


does anybody have any experience of the New Power Program, by Dr Michael Colgan?

I have bought a copy of the book and it appears to be a soundly structured program, but would only be useful for a single periodized year.

I anybody has any feedback it would be appreciated, ie any good for sprinters?

Has anybody heard of, or actually experienced themselves, any success stories amoung sprinters using the program.



Colgan’s book is not bad…but stay with his guidelines and not the “power program”. Read it and stay with CFTS.


always good to get advice from knowledgeable source.

There is so much info out there, its hard to know which to choose.


The concepts are great…sort of like a recipe with good ingredients but not the right amounts of spices and poor cooking methods. You need to find out what order is best for you and what amounts are good. I have the book in my collection.

what aspects of it do you rate?

despite Dr Colgans claims I think it appears a bit bodybuilding orientated and may build too much bulk.

Have you used it?

thanks again


One concept that many agree with is the use of mulit joint lifts and the elimination of leg extensions. He also got into posture and core strength. He has a great outline of what you need…just the flesh is too “phase” like.


He has alot of interesting exercises which can expose weaknesses in the athlete. I use his first phase exercises as supplemental exercises after the core lifts have been done. They are also excellent for rehab purposes.

I like the idea of lunges, ive been a fan of them for a while, especially the reverse lunges, I think they’re V good for leg power, and would be useful in a power/max strength phase also.

I’ve heard Dan Pfaff uses eccentric calf exercises as Dr Colgan outlines in his book so there must be something in them.


i bought the new power program near the end of 2001 (this was before i knew about the CFTS) i followed it for the first 2 phases with some slight modifications.

i found it quite useful. when i look back at it, during the second phase i was over worked.

it was VERY effective for my upper body strength.

there wasn’t enough hamstring work in my opinion.

over all, a good program just needs some modification.