The King's Speech

Just watched “The King’s Speech” this evening. It is a worthwhile film to view for those of us involved in coaching, teaching, instruction and working from experience and wisdom (not credentials). I highly recommend this film and thought of Charlie during a number of scenes which involved unconventional teaching methods in order to get results.

Terrific movie. Well deserved Oscars.

terrific movie. Well deserved oscars.


Number Two, will watch and give you my thoughts. Have a few more days of misery academically(midterms) then I can have a brief respite. Look forward to it. Came highly recommended by my Canadian cousin.

Did you see the edited version




Yesterday I watched the movie, very nice. Could you please bring some parallels between Charlie’s teachings and Lionel’s?

It has just been adapted for an American audience. Here’s the trailer.

There were some key concepts:

  • Relaxation - Teaching the athlete to relax when executing skills. In the movie you could see a heavy emphasis on relaxation exercises.

  • Distraction - Having the athlete perform skills be not focusing on the task at hand. Charlie often tried to “trick” the athlete into doing the proper technique (moving it to the hind-brain from the fore-brain). In the movie, this was demonstrated with the use of headphones and music when reading Shakespeare out loud.

And there was the whole discussion of credentials and formal schooling that was brought up against Lionel – when all that really matters is practical experience and results.

It is interesting how a lot of knowledge is passed on from wartime. Lionel had honed his craft by working with returning soldiers from WWI. Famed sprint coach Bud Winter learned his techniques for relaxation while training fighter pilots to relax (and catch up on their sleep) in WWII.

Beautiful N2, thanks a lot.

Beautiful N2, thanks a lot.

On the point of credentials I think Charlie would have agreed with Lionel in this scene:

I understand that at a certain point they were asking for some kind of “certification”. Up to that point he did not have that much of an improvement (to be honest, even after that it was not miracolous).
Anyway, don’t dismiss too much and too fast the so called “certification”. Fair enough if you refer to “exercise science” or so (given what is normally taught, for example), but really you wouldn’t ask for a “certification” before having surgery?