Chris6878's journal.

Gym in the AM
all back and abs
2x10 pull ups
5x5x45 pullups
2x10 underhand pull ups

Couldnt hit the track until 7pm I felt decent
3x10 bs, 1x30 bs felt a little clumsy with the starts today
1x300 split 250,50. I felt slow and missed the 250 time. Then I ran 80 instead of 50 because I couldnt see my mark
1x150 19 secs. Damn that was slow. I ran 100 curve then 50 straight. Im definitly a terrible curve runner
1x100 11.24 I was able to get into a good relaxation phase the last 30 meters. I couldve had a much better first 20

easy tempo 10x100 abs

am gym
bench 2x5x205, 3x5x225
pull downs behind neck 3x8
rows 3x6
pull ups over and under 2x10

big circuit tonight

not to try and move the sprinter vs. distance body type debate off topic, but I am curious about the above quote. Was it only HI sprinting that did this to you, or HI training in general (ie. weightlifting, plyos, etc)? And have you been experiencing “runner’s high” since switching?

My roommate from my freshman year of college actually exhibited withdrawal symptoms when he was forced to take a week off from distance running in between xc and indoor (couldn’t eat or sleep, was so anxious he was constantly freaking out and just in general looked like a corpse; all symptoms gone after two days of running again).

In my experience, I’m not sure about pure speedwork, but post-resistance training and post-controlled speedwork/intensive tempo I definitely feel a “high” that carries into the next day, and the day after offdays is when I’ll feel the depression-like feelings (as opposed to after speedwork days). Distance running (did a year or so of xc in early high school) never really seemed to do the trick for me. Almost like I feel a boost from the intense CNS stimulus whereas you seem to have felt a dip

I usually feel like crap before a tempo session, especially if I did a speed the day before. During the tempo once I get warm I feel great most of the time. THe hours after an intense speed and gym workout I do find myself sometimes feeling so tired that im sad. Ill sit on the counch and frown for no apparent reason.

4/12 speed end
1x10,20,30,60 from blocks
2x120 standing. 12.88,13.06 Legs felt decent. I had a lil bit of wind on the runs but im happy to finally dip under 13. I was spent after the last 120. I had to crawl to the weight room
Deads-5x225, 4x5x275
20 depth jumps
3x5 ghr.
I probably couldve gone heavier on the deads but when I first began I was still beat from the runs. I felt better by the end.

tempo 20x100 grass

4/14 off
4/15 bench am. 2x5x205 3x5x225
pm speed. Got rained out. I tried to run through the rain but it got worse.
6x10 bs. 1x40 1x60 bs

weights pm
squats- 3x5x225 1x5x275 1x5x315
sl back ext 2x10

back am. 3x10 oh pullus
5x5x45 oh pull
2x10 under hand

tempo tonight
5x100 warmup
3x5x100 40-48 sec rest rep/2-3min per set.

How was your fall training - any gpp/spp details?

I’ll have to up my fall workouts. Basically started in August. Stayed on grass until jan. doing a short to long. But I’ll past the workouts sometime this week.

am bench 5x5x205 felt a lil weak this morning. THe 205 wasnt hard but I didnt have the energy to go up. taking off today. going out of town. Im hoping to find a place in orlando to workout for the next few days

In orlando with wife. That morning i decided to check out the wide world of sports since they have a track. I know they will charge so i am prepared to pay. What i wasnt prepared for was them telling me people cant train on the track. I say wtf, whats the use of a track if its only used 3 times a year for 3 meets. ofcourse no answer. shit made no fucking sense. meanwhile i see tons of people at the disney resorts running down the street, on the sidewalk, in the grass, trying to get a workout in. I wonder how much money they could get by charging to use the facilities. Retards

so I google a another track and a park comes up, its like 30 mins away and I say screw it i need to run. I finally arrive and what do i see, a track made out of road, not gravel, not soft spikable asphlat, but highway road. wtf. I then spot a baseball field and go hop the fence.
I had planned to do 200,150 but that wasnt happening. so I just marked off 60-70 m and did some runs
3x3x60-70meters. 20sec rep/6 mins per set.

I thought i was gonna die byt the last one. I was going pretty fast. Never though I would feel that out of breath. it was a tough one. I hate disney

4/19 off
4/20 tempo 2000m
abs and glute work

What are your times for 100-300m tempo runs?

Was just shaking my legs out today after returning from Orlando. But this year I run the 100s in 16-17 secs, with 50m walk. The 300s I haven’t timed. Most the time I time the 100 and 200 runs. The 200s are between 30-33

Are they on grass?

Yes always on grass, unless the grass is too wet

Don’t you think those times are a little fast for ext tempo?

Well I do a timed tempo once a week. And those are the times I target. I would never do those for every tempo day. my other tempo days I don’t time the runs. only time the rest. I also don’t run nearly as fast

also you need to clear out your inbox. is your email still the same? Ill shoot you those workouts I did from august till now.

4/21 meet finally this Saturday. these once a month meets don’t cut it. cant run fast times without meets
Today I felt sluggish, and my partner let me know by blasting me out the blocks.
3x20m isorobic
5x10 bs
5x40 bs- I was getting the business today
2x20m fly 2.22 2.03. I should’ve warmup more before the first fly after my break.
1x120 13.4- surpised I could even run that fast. I was working form and relaxation

gym- im going into a max strength phase and today was a trial run
hang snatch 5x3x95
sq 2x3x315
bench 2x3x225, 2x3x245

ill give todays work out a c.