the graphs

Will Charlie’s 400m plans that were mentioned in the Lactate Threshold Training thread also be included?

I refer to the ‘Speed Progression (S-L) graph’ …

What is the meaning of the last column with the heading ‘Strength Endurance’? (The first week, e.g. 4 x 30m). Does that mean that at the end of the Special Endurance training session on a Monday and Friday, the athletes have to do the extra 4 x 30m as strength endurance? Recovery?

Yes- at the end- usually 4 to 5 min between reps.

Thank you, Charlie!

(Just to clarify for you, SC)

Strength Endurance refers to the running As at a slow pace. 30m would take about 30s or so. NOT 4x30m sprints at the end.

and they sure as heck aren’t recovery :wink:

I am having problems with the link. It worked a few weeks ago, but is not now. Is anyone else having a problem?

You must email Rupert, we cant give away all the goodies.

Hi everyone,

Customers with our early release of the Vancouver series didn’t have the graphs bundled with their download-the graphs are now included.

If you are a customer that doesn’t have the graphs-just email me at and include your receipt number-CF order and I’ll get the file out to you.

Hope this helps and watch for Number2’s TaperDVD coming out soon on, and on the note of surprizes-we have a major one coming up.

I have emailed 2 or 3 times with my receipt number and still have not received any of the graphs. Is there something else that needs to be done?

I have e-mailed, PMed asking for the S-L 400graphs for the Edmonton download with no response as well.

Please send proof of purchase to Once I validate your order, I will send the materials.

Thank you…please use subject “Materials Request” so it doesn’t get caught in spam.

Thank you

Hi Rupert,

I’ve got the Short 2 Long, Phase 1, Speed Progression graph from Vanc '04. Does a graph exist with regards to the second intensive training block, that usually lasts 8 weeks from March to May? Would any of the products in the store have this?


There is a discussion of the annual set-up in the lecture series in the site store. I trust you have looked at the graphs we are providing on the 400m short to long thread.

I have indeed downloaded the 400m graphs.
Thanks a lot for those.
I’ll check out the SPP lecture too.
Thanks Charlie