the graphs

are there any available pdf’s of the graphs, because i downloaded the avi file, but the understandable quality reduction i have trouble reading the graphs.

i can see some of them are included in the forum review which i have, but not all.

Here you go



thanks ALOT!

Thx for the graphs!!!

Now i m able to study the DVD…:slight_smile:

In the 2002 Vancouver Seminar Charlie displays a slide titled ‘Ben Johnson Annual Plan 1987’ at around the 1:12:22 time mark. The slide is also referred to in the thread “Sub Phases and Periodization of Strength” by Charlie.

Does anyone have a copy of this slide/pdf that can be posted on the forum/emailed? Thanks in advance.

From what I could see as it is not clear on the DVD it looks like one of the graphs in the Training for Speed book, check it out if you have it. There are other graphs used on the DVD that are not in the download. The ones that are available are a good help though.

Thanks for the reply. The chart in CFTS does show some of the target times over the periods, and the competition times leading into 9.83 at WC. There is a significant amount of additional detail on the version displayed at the seminar that would be interesting to digest. Rupert was unable to place his hands on it and recommended to post the question. Charlie/others: if available could you please post a copy of this chart from the ‘Vancouver 1’ seminar? Thanks for any assistance.

explosive, your most welcome, I wouldn’t mind having access to that graph, as well as the vertical progression chart (is that the correct title ?).

Sorry to have to re-post. Might any one out there have a copy of the ‘Ben Johnson Annual Plan 1987’ that is shown in the Vancouver 2002 seminar? (Discussed above) Thanks for any assistance.

The Vertical Integration chart by Charlie is one of the many good illustrations available at the end of the 2002 Forum Review EBook: certainly recommend it.


are perhaps the last 3 slides shown in the vancouver 04 seminar availible somewhere (supercompenazation, ben`s plan 87 and the lactic-alactic work)?


Everything officially made available was included in the .zip file.

Hope this helps.


PS: I will look into this.

I get the 11 slides, the 3 mentioned are not included.
It is possible to get them it will be great, if not ok.

Rupert, anything new?

Hi everyone,

I have a bunch of files produced by and I’m currently reviewing them. I’ll post shortly on this matter.


Hey Rupert, hope you didnt forget about us…

I didn’t forget, I’ll post when the PDF is ready for the specific graphs as requested - customers only and you’ll need a receipt#.

Thank you


ok, let us know how and when…

Re:receipt #. Would that be printed on my dvd case or where?