the full role of tempo in the sprinter programme

yes i know there are threads all over the place on tempo in some form or another but i just cant seem to get it together in simple enough searches to enable to fully answer.
What roles does tempo play in a, recovery b, technique development c, peaking for a comp etc etc. We are currently trying to add this to our programme. Thank you for your time and patience :slight_smile:

From my understanding:

a. Form of active recovery, helps to enhance blood flow. Purported benefit by many on this board (not saying I agree or disagree with this) is also that tempo runs increase capillary density. This helps to increase blood flow also so recovery on high intensity days between runs can be possibly be faster along with the ability to keep the body “warmed up.”

b. Can help smooth out technique issues, however, the chances this translates into corrected technique at full speed is not guaranteed and probably not likely.

c. Not sure a whole lot changes with tempo during peaking. There will be more days of it in the taper as there are less high intensity days, but I don’t know how much the volume of tempo decreases.

Well let me ask this question.
Do your sprinters currently use aerobic or cardio type of running in the program?