The end of one year of track the beginning of another!

ran an 11.1 at state last year i didn’t make it past regionals and my best time was an 11.8 this year its 11.04, terrible time cause i could have run a 10 something i just ran with none of the technique and work i did cause i was so focused on the finals instead of making it past the prelims but i’m postive for next year i’m sure i can go 10.6 and heres a few reasons why

1.this will be my first year training for track year round
2.i’m still growing
3.i improved .8 in the 100 training by myself with no structered training program
4.i’m still learning
5.i’m gonna be conditioned next year as i wasn’t this year(11 second 100 and 23.9 second 200)
6.i can build alot more muscle and lose weight

thats why i think i’ll go 10.6 next year what does everyone think?

Really, it doesn’t matter what anyone think… Belief in yourself is more important. Having said that… I would recommend getting CFTS to begin with then the GPP DVD -if possible. Also do a search on sprint training to get training ideas.

Welcome to!

i know what other people think doesn’t matter but i’d still like opinions on whether anyone thinks i can do it.

Wow that’s such a huge improvement. How old are you? Good jOb by the way!

sixteen if anyone wants to offer any speculation on where hardwork will put me next year please do tell, i hope i have the genes for sprinting tho.

My genes could beat the crap out of your genes :wink:

That being said, you should probably invest the $9.99 before you start making a habit of posting here. Odds are, unless you’ve done studing elsewhere on sprinting/athletics (and I don’t just mean regurgitating your coach’s slogans) then you’re not going to be able to contribute anything really insightful to these boards. They’ve been around for a number of years, and a lot of the guys here have been coaching before you were born. And you’re improvement 11.8-11.0 is incredible! but you’re not the first sprinter that’s come on here posting with great numbers. We get a new guy about every 3-4 months posting how much they’ve improved and how great they are, but then they start posting about the benefits of jump shoes… sigh

Anyway, what I’m trying to say here, is that with numbers like yours, you have room for a LOT of improvement. But you’ve got to keep an open mind and a dedicated spirit or you won’t continue to improve.

Edit: I wonder if we should make a template to respond to first-time posts like this? Heh…

Word to what palmtag said. death to jump shoes!

thanks for the advice palmtag, and i got a little more common sense than you would think about those so called miracle products

That’s good to hear Sneaky :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t mean to offend, or even sound condescending. Now that I’ve re-read my post it does sound like I’m talking down my nose to you, Sneaky. Common sense is just, uhh… a bit rare in this day and age. It just easier to hurt a smart person’s feelings and then say “I’m sorry” than it is to let a stupid person make mistakes and then have them come crying back to you.

The question is will he take your advice about investing time to learning the info provided or not? Sometimes its what a person doesn’t say that matters. And if this is the same Sneaky from, he doesn’t seem too prone to taking advice.

some good lines in there!!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: I can take advice if it will get me where i want to go