The "Dynamic Stereotype"

I’ve noticed that it is necessary to avoid running always at the same speed in training in order to avoid developing a “speed barrier” know as a “dynamic stereotype” which makes it difficult reach higher speeds. In essence, one plateaus. What methods do you guys use to play with your speed?

And exactly what percentage of variation is necessary to avoid the speed barrier? (ie, is it sufficient to vary between 95-100% speed, or do we need to reduce speed into the intensive tempo realm [80-90%])

Comments appreciated.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but when I feel I have reached a plateau I will try and incorporate new stressors into my training. For example, I dont use hills as a regular part of my training and so maybe I’d put more of those in there. I’d incorporate plyos/lifts/med balls throws I dont normally do. As far as running goes, I’ll do a fartlek or some other speed play stuff to keep it interesting.

Downhill running, OverSpeed pulleys, Parachutes, treadmill running at high speeds…JOKING!

There would be no variation besides the 95-100%. If the program is tight, this speed barrier should not be a problem. It would be a matter of increasing or decreasing VOLUME of training and not intensity.