That Damn Hamstring

Noooooo! I reaggravated my hamstring strain.

My previous light hamstring strain (which took around 10 days to recover) was healed to the point which I could sprint at maximum speed with only the most subtle discomfort, but then I tried to kick a ball in that rugby match and it tightened up again.

It isn’t as serious as the last time (infact, after I strained it during the kick, I continued to be able to run around for the remainder of the game although it felt uncomfortable sprint maximally. I iced it when I got home and now (the next day), it is feeling really tight and I can’t run.

I’ve tried jogging around with no problems, but I’d be struggling to be running at tempo pace.

I desperately want to be able to play next Saturday… what should I do now to speed up recovery? (no supplements available)

I’m definately going to go to the physio on Monday. Should I be doing some very light tempo work today?

Also not sure what to do about training, I can do upperbody work but I haven’t done a proper squat session for more than a week now and I don’t want to lose too much strength.

Massage (do it yourself if needed)
Increase Protein Consumption (slightly)
Do 1 leg presses with the other leg to maintain strength
Do light tempo work on the grass or better yet, in the pool

You could maybe do quarters at the same weight you use for your regular squats for some CNS stimulation. Maybe you should wait for somebody to confirm this though and not just take my advice.

I’ve been massaging it as my physio has instructed to (really dig fingers into the muscle and inflict some pain to break down the scar tissue). This has actually increased soreness a little.

I’m always stretching it, haven’t really iced it yet today but I will.

Tempo hmm… It would have to be very very slow.

When should I start using the sauna? Can I start using it immediately or should I wait a few days before starting heat treatment.