TeNS screwd my calf!!!!

I was using my TeNS machine tuesday night and after about twenty minutes my left calf tensed up and wouldn’t release it took me about half an hour!

Background, I have been having a lot of cramp recently(both legs) but not severe just enought to let me know its there and on tuesday my left calf felt worse so I thought I would use the Machine.

Now it hurts like hell and feels like there a knot or something!

Should I use the TeNS to try and fix it?

Well, I am not well experienced with TENS from first hand experience, but I would say to have it manually treated, prehaps ART would be beneficial. Thoughts folks?

Drink lots of water, maybe some magnesium supplementation, ice the cramped area for 10-15min at a time and apply friction massage across the contracted muscle fibers (NOT along the fibers), gentle pnf stretching could also be helpfull. It sounds like you used too high intensity with your tens machine and you are probably dehydrated. If you can’t release the cramp by yourself you should see a therapist (ART, sports massage, whatever).

TENS screwed your calf or you screwed your calf by using TENS improperly??

Ive used TeNS for ages, Checked my daily nutrition diary and my fluid has been poor and my fast food high, so there may be a pottasium/sodium ratio inbalance.