How do you decide the distances to use in tempo sessions? Would it be best to have one longer tempo(6x200) session and one shorter tempo session(15x60) per week?

YOu can use different distances. I use your idea of one long and one short but short has distances of 100m. 60m is a bit short to even get going with.

Charlie’s big circuit etc are simply 100-300m distances with 50m walks in between for a total of around 2000-3000m in one session. Total time is around 22 min.

There is a good discussion of distances in the Heart Rate during Tempo thread started by Duxx

Why 16x60? You could divide the tempo up into 8x(2x60) with the 60s back and forth or some other model. Is there a specific reason for the short intervals?

no reason, what rest in between sets and reps would you suggest for the 8x(2x60)? And am I right in thinking that it would be best to have 1 shorter tempo and 1 longer tempo session per week?

Breaks depend on the level and fitness of the athletes, so it’s hard to say. Just pick a break and speed that lets them finish the speed they started with. Also the 200m reps seem a bit low. What are the training ages of the group?

I’m just talking about my training, no group. I’m 16. Should the rest intervals be decreased weekly to improve fitness? What rest intervals would you suggest for me?

I see. I’d just keep the rest interval comfortable and shorten it as you feel able.

It’s more of a general effect with tempo so distances aren’t really a huge issue unless the the reps are over 300m. I’d just stick with 100 and 200 intervals. The only problem I’ve found with shorter intervals(50 m) is that you have to start and stop alot more. Is there really any point in starting and stopping more if you are just trying to run relaxed and flush the muscles?

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An interesting thread. I sometimes use short tempos, but only as I’m moving in a competition phase. I don’t really know why I’m doing this-lack of planning!!!