Ive got a question relating to tempo:

I got this tempo drill from herb’s old training diary:

1: 100+100+100/100metre walk (50m walk between sets)
2: 100+200+100+100/ 100 walk
3: 100+100+200+200/ 100 walk
4: 100+200+100+100/ 100 walk
5: 100+100+100

Exactly how should they be performed? does the plus sign relate to the 50m walks between ‘sets’ which is supposed to say reps?

im a tad confused!



walk 50m between reps, and 100m between sets. Sorry about that. They should be at around 65% or less of your fastest time.

cheers herb,

I wasnt sure so i thought id ask, muchos thankyou.

Are you still opting for UFC? i still think that from reading your journal that you had bags of potential in sprinting.


I’d say a general lack of speed endurance :shoot: :devil:

Herb what did you feel were your major mistakes in your sprint training?What would have you done differently?

T2…I will reply to you tomorow…there are many…perhaps that will be my final track jornal entry. :slight_smile: