tempo with "active recovery" btw reps/sets

I know that alot of ppl like to include BW exersises btw tempo reps such as push ups, situps, burpees etc. Clearly by adding the active recovery, you’re more fatigued and its more difficut to keep up the desired pace without accumulating too much LA. So i was wondering if by adding these active recoveries, you need to decrease the speed of the reps so that you don’t get too far into the lactic acid zone, or if it doesn’t matter since your still not going into the “high intensity zone” of over 75%?

You may have to decrease the speed or increase the rest a bit. The rule of thumb still remains you should pick up pace which enables you to finish at the same pace you started. Don’t get caught up in timing tempo runs.

Body weight exercises are usually added to the tempo runs after the tempo sessions have gotten to easy and they want the added difficulty without crossing that 75% guideline. But if you have them worked in right from the beggining, then the tempo pace would be slower as you want to end at the same pace as you started. Then building as the sessions got easier.

I would keep the rest periods…everybody seem so fond of reducing them and of continuous work at times! Our organisms are not designed to endure fatigue at any cost…they need and enjoy their breaks…