tempo vs. day off

Am wondering the difference in the effects upon the body of a full day off vs. a 800-1000m tempo day.
In my case, I played a number of baseball games (3 in three days) and lifted after a game on the third combined with physioball and core exercises per Mark Verstegen and Core Performance. I wanted to perform an 800m tempo day to stay conditioned and strong for the 95-degree heat in the OF.

Let me know what you think of the benefits of the different scenarios.


As a sprinter, unless I’m feeling really rundown I’ll always opt for the tempo, I am always amazed at how long I take to recover when I don’t do tempo. I always try to get at least one rest day a week though, although that may be difficult with the frequency of most baseball schedules.

Actually tempo workouts could be good for quicken cure diseases like:
influenza, chill and infection principles, by the rise of temperature and excretion of toxic substances.
Last week for example i was cured from a principle of throat infection during a sweat session of tempo exercises.

I’m not sure about tempo for curing these illnesses, but I have had good success with using a sauna at the first sign of illness. Create an artificial fever to burn it out. I’m not a doctor, so try it at your own risk, but placebo-effect or no it seems to help me. As always, YMMV.

i can’t point to any science, but i will say from experimenting with both that I feel better and perform better for the entire week when I do tempo on sundays instead of taking the day off. It makes me feel better overall, even if it is as short as 10 minutes of 30 on 30 off.

Just to give an alternative point of view…I have no doubt that tempo is beneficial for many, if not most track athletes. Just not for me. Sore hamstrings get more sore. Achilles aches become achilles tendonitis. The lower back stiffness that would normally subside after a couple days doesn’t. Nervous system feels more rested on COMPLETE rest. Then again-I’m older…I wish I could do tempo-I love any excuse to be at the track in some form of flight, but it only adds to my recovery needs rather than diminishing them.

Johnny, you could do circuits or pool tempo to replace tempo. Less stress on your tendons, & can still get your heart rate up.

it’s a possiblity you’re going to hard on your tempo days.

guys do not train during sickness.with an infection of any kind the bodies immune system is flat-out trying to combat the infection and elevating body/blood pressure in any way will slow the recovery time.do not train until the illness is under control and when so start back slowly!

I do love doing tempo for recovery of my CNS. But I also take a day of complete rest a week. So it has always worked good for me. Even when I’m going a bit intense with the Int. tempo it still gets me that feel of recovery after a few hours. As for training while ill!! I don’t like that. a day or two of rest won’t break down the weeks of hard training I did!!

Yes, weight circuits work well, thanks. Allergy to chlorine prevents pool work-which would be ideal I think.

[QUOTE=t-bone]it’s a possiblity you’re going to hard on your tempo days.=QUOTE]

Nahh, I’m too lazy for that! Actually, I’m mellow with my 17-18 second 100m repeats-they’re still just high impact enough to not allow tendon recovery.