Tempo Substitute

From December 20th to January 2nd I wont have an area to run for my tempo workouts. So my questionm is, what can i do as a substitue for this and this?

jump rope

treadmill - http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=4558

i have a hard time doing tempo on the treadmill though and i don’t think its as effective since you’re going so much slower than 70%.

Charlie has recommended doing running A’s in place for 10 30-second intervals separated by 10 push-ups or 25 sit-ups. Then you can repeat this after a few minutes’ rest period.

Depends on the treadmill - in winter I’m doing 1 min @ 21-23 km/h - fast enough for me. (70-75% of 400m pace)

how many reps?

Depends - if I my main focus is to improve my aerobic capacity or to recover. So usually 4-6. But I never exhaust myself.
I only make sure I go below 120 bpm during the brake and do not exceed 30 min total (including brakes) - but that’s highly individual.

BTW - I like rope jumping very much. But sometimes it gets my calves/ankles tired…