tempo sessions

How long do your tempo sessions ussually last for?

In what respect.

Time of session
How long in season.

I guess the second one. As long as it takes me to warm up, do 2000m of tempo plus bodyweight work and a cool down

Less than 8 minutes total.

Don’t they recommend at least 20 minutes to improve aerobic fitness?
8-10 minutes of tempo was enough to get me reasonably match fit for team sports.

Here’s something I’ve always wanted to know:

to get fit for team sports like soccer/rugby (other than playing the sport itself), can long steady distance runs of 20-30 min be effective? (other than being used just as base work at the beginning of the season)

Interval based work is more specific for sports and I always breathe harder during a tempo session, but I get bored of them sometimes (after hundreds of sessions). Can I do a long run instead and still improve or at least maintain my level of aerobic fitness?

Sure, long runs take more time and probably sap a bit more energy from you but on the plus side its more enjoyable because you can do it with a team-mate or friend and enjoy some good scenery while you’re at it.

Gee - man I hate the long runs - they’re the boring bit - laps of a field? - You kidding me?
At least with Tempo there is variety.

I’ve never aerobic work for that short.

How often?

The 8-10 min total of tempo work is done 3 times a week usually for me.
This is how long it takes me to do 10x100m @ <75% with 30 sec rest.

When I mentioned long runs, I generally would do them in a park or down a beach, not up and down the field.

i did some REALLY long runs to get in shape for field hockey over the summer… at most they were about 70 minutes, which is longer than the game even lasts, so i was a bit in excess. but closer to the season i did a 40-min tempo which i thought was helpful- 5 min. jog, then 5 min. fast, 5 min. slow, 4 min. fast, 4 min. slow, etc. The fast minutes were fast enough to really take it out of me, and the on and off pace was more realistic to the sport. now that the season has started, i will do that tempo or take a long run once or twice a week, i usually just stick with sprints and scrimages in practice to keep my fitness up there.

8 - 10 minutes of tempo seems awfully short.

I generally divide mine into sets of 3 or 4 runs and do some calesthenics in between sets. If you figure that a set of 4 x 100m runs takes 4 or 5 minutes (including around 45 sec of rest between reps), then you can do 4 or 5 sets which gets you to around 20 minutes. Then if you add in about 5 minutes of pushups, situps and stretching between each set you get in the neighborhood of 30 minutes which seems like a reasonable time for tempo.

Note that this does not include the time for a warmup and some power-speed drills.

Shortest session I have is, 100-200-300-200-100
(Walk back or 1min, 3min, 5min & back down)

Longest is 3x10x100
(walk back rest or 1min/5min between sets)

10x200, is reasonably long too
(walk back or 3min between each one)

I do 1500-2100m, many times with calisthenics in between, and with the warmup included it takes me about an hour.

Lets all give examples of sample aerobic sessions.

For example.

walk 100m, 25 situps, 25 press-ups
walk 100m, 25 situps, 25 press-ups
walk 100m, 25 situps, 25 press-ups

Anyone sometimes play a game of social basketball for tempo?

What workouts do you do when weather does not permit tempo running.

Push Ups + 100m + Crunches + 100m - repeat x 5, 1-2 minutes rest

Same but replace Push Ups and crunches with something else

Try 8200 with jog back or 20100 with jog back … it’s a killer but 1 month of that will get you fit

I play ball too. I can usually do a tempo day when it’s kinda chilly. If it’s too cold or raining, than I won’t do it, i’ll either take the day off, or find somewhere to play some ball. But I don’t play too long. Thats kinda hard for me though, cuz the team i’m on usually wins :smiley: so we gotta stay on the floor. But I try not to get to carried away. If I find myself walkin up the court, than I call it a day after that game is over.

I’m not going to mirror post, but I have a lot of examples in my training diary. I think you should think about varying it up, maybe out to 600m because it just makes things more interesting and makes the distance easier.

RE:bad weather
I tried the bike the other day tempo style (intervals and exertion) and found it made my lower back really sore, my quads somewhat sore, and brought up some tightness in my hammie that I hadn’t felt in a while. I guess I have to buy a flotation device for winter. Jumproping could also be an option since you can just go out and do it instead of a prolonged thing like tempo, but I can’t find a good surface to do it on because it catches in the grass so I’ll only occasionally do it on brick. I might try tempo style rowing machine at the gym, but that doesn’t really help your legs recovery. Might help just maintain cardiovascular shape.

I don’t really like the rowing machine for the same reason that you mentioned.

I like jump roping, cheap, effective and don’t need a lot of space to do it. What are some good tempo protocols for jump roping?

Obviously to be done at a fast and steady (but not maximum) speed. How many seconds of work/rest, how many sets/reps?

30-40 seconds on, 30 seconds off for around 10 times, maybe more.