Tempo, Recovery & Power ?'s

TEMPO - I do tempo running on a track every tue & thurs. problem is its getting to cold to go outside on the track to do it anymore. My question is, is there some type of indoor tempo i could be doing?

RECOVERY - Once my football season starts I will have access to a gym with a HOT/COLD whirlpool. I heard contrast baths are good for recovery. I plan on using it once or twice a week problem is i have no idea what kind of intervals i should be using with each. can someone help me with that?

POWER - Im curious to know generally speaking without looking at an athelets #'s are there any characteristics someone would have that would help them convert strength to power better than someone else? for instance maybe people with more fast twitch muscle convert str to power better, or maybe people with longer levers?

All of this has been discussed plenty of times, but I’ll give you some short answers.

1.) Tempo doesn’t have to be running. It can be anything that is used to facilitate recovery and improve your general fitness/work capacity; bb circuits, treadmil intervals, etc… You can get creative with this.

2.) Contrast methods are good you got that right. Start with cold as cold as you can handle for 30 seconds, then 3 min hot as you can handle. Repeat that twice more, ending on cold. (just an example, I’m sure there are other intervals you could use).

3.) Not quite sure what you’re asking, but as long as you are getting an adequate amount of speed sessions (3x/week at the most), med ball work and jumps, you should find your strength levels translating what you do in the gym to the track, field, court, etc… Good luck.

WRcortese thanx for the answers. im a WR too.

as far as tempo goes I know i can do other things but i was just curious what other things i havent thought of are. the best i could think of is jump rope. i dont like treadmills

as far as the power question i wasnt asking how to convert it, I was asking if there were any characteristics in particular, such as more Type IIa fiber, an athelete could have that would give him an edge in converting strength over the next athelete.

cns efficiency

are there any ways of improving CNS effeciancy?