Tempo on treadmills.

I have just started my GPP-phase and want to run longer distances for tempo - 200 to 300-meters.
Because of the weather I was thinking about doing these on a treadmill. Has anyone got any experience doing this?

I tried that before and I think it can work. Why not? I had a hard time converting distances though, but I eventually figured it out.

I’m doing treadmill tempo these days and I like it. Did you see Charlie’s protocols in the thread in some other forum? The thread was started by Stephanie if you want to look for it. He mentions 80 to 100 foot contacts but I’ve been going longer with slightly less of an incline than he suggested.

Thanks Pete, I found it. I used to know every thread by heart…


I went to the gym and tried this today, but for some reason everytime I stepped on the treadmill the speed dropped several km/h. When I stepped off the speed rose again. And when running the speed kept rising and falling by a couple of km/h. Maybe there was something or other I should have calibrated, I don’t know.
Anyway I ended up running at around 17km/h with a frequency of about 2, which was too slow by far. Besides I have a feeling I reached with my toes instead of dorsi-flexing. Maybe I will use it once a week for longer interval-work. (I’m in my GPP-phase.)