Tempo 2x's per day

i know we have a few guys on here who do tempo twice a day in split sessions. has anyone come to a conclusion on whether or not this can be beneficial in aiding recovery?

I recall mj saying he has done this…

Mj, since i cant find the thread can you tell us how and when you do tempo twice a day and what benifits you feel you get from it?

I have implemented 2 tempo sessions/day instead of 1 large one. I feel that it is greatly superior in terms of recovery as opposed to the 1 session/day. I feel better and fresher afterwards and also my flexibility has improved since doing tempo 2/day. I don’t know if you’ll get the same results, but I definitely think it is worth experimenting with it.:slight_smile:

can you tell us how you implement it? what do you do…

I do pretty much the same thing mj told me to do. One tempo session 1st thing in the morning before breakfast and the other one 4-6hrs later. I do the same thing as I did before except split into 2 sessions. So I was doing 16x100, now i do 8x100, then another 8x100. The improvement in my flexibility is probably helped by the fact that I do 2 warm-ups/day now.