Tempo 101 401 601?

The options in the poll show reps with eccentric tempo only but a concentric phase follows to complete the rep.

Slow eccentric would be around 4 sec lowering.
Moderate fast ecc. would be around 1-2 seconds lowering. See below for further explanation.

Weight training often begins in GPP with higher reps per set eg 10 and then come down to sets of 5, 3 or even 1 in the max strength phase, higher reps being traditionally for the hypertrophy phases.

However the tempo used during the eccentric phase is rarely taken into account for many athletes and it seems that time under tension (TUT) is more important than reps per se for the hypertrophy phase.

The usual way reps are performed when using sets of 10 is fast controlled ecc. and fast conc. so about 3 seconds per rep (1-2 sec lowering 1-2 sec lifting) or approx 30 seconds per set which is comparable to sets of 6 using a tempo of 401.

401 is the tempo often recommended in the lifting community although tempo of 601 is also used by some powerlifters in the hypertrophy phase but using sets of 3 reps.

If using a 401 tempo for sets of 10 the TUT equates to 50 seconds which is outside of the functional hypertrophy bracket (this being 20-40 secs generally). Reps of 4-8 would be more suitable to stay withing the 20-40 sec bracket using the 401 tempo.

NB: The above is a generalization not strict

Cool poll, but I use both. I have some exercises that are not eccentric and I just do for reps such as mil, front press, incline; while other excercises, such as squat and bench, are done with eccentric (acc compensation) under 8 reps but total as high as 30 reps in a set. Ex: 5x5 ballistic squats 3-5min rest.

I go 8-12reps at normal tempo.

Definately inconclusive. I wonder how many track athletes consider tempo or even time under tension?