Hi, In the CFTS, Charlie mentions a workout for Ben ten days before a major competition that includes 30 metre starts and a series of sprints up to,I believe, 150m. My question is, would this workout be categorized as a speed workout or a speed endurance workout. In addition, is this type of workout preceding the 10 day tapering off useful only for an elite athlete like Ben, or could it in principle be used for athletes of lesser calibre?

This is off the top of my head from Speed Trap or CFTS, I hope my memory serves me right. I think for a while before Seoul Ben had built up, over years, to doing the 30-150m workout, which totaled at around 750m, during a usual speed day. I think at this point there wasn’t really a separation between speed endurance and pure speed days, because Ben had built up work capacity to the point where he could cover both bases in one day.

Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. So, what would be a suitable volume for a 11.90 female sprinter 6 days before a major competition, and should the focus be speed or speed endurance for this “final” heavy workout?