Tapering for developing sprinters

How would you ‘taper’ for a big race for developing sprinters? (eg. likely to run low 11s or very high 10s)?

Do you switch to format of
Day1: Speed/Weights
Day2: Tempo
Day3: Off

instead of the normal (speed, tempo, speed…) week?

Or would you just have an extra day off at the end of a week prior to the race?

Day 1: Speed
Day 2: Tempo
Day 3: Speed
Day 4: Tempo
Day 5: Speed
Day 6: Tempo
Day 7: Off
Day 8: Off
Day 9: Race

I’m well aware that speed volume must be reduced, just wondering what the format of the days should look like. Thanks.

I’d have weights in all those speed days, the last weight session should be upper body.