Tapering down in 2 weeks

Yeah bal league but won’t be pushing

If I weigh 150, how light exactly should i keep it? 10-15 pounds?

With the race at the weekend and with what Lkh has just said in the Tudor Bompa thread I don’t think contrast on Wednesday is needed. As Charlie said in the same thread, Joels PB is already ‘overspeed’ to a degree. The BAL will be enough stimulus.

Should think that’d be ok… get someone to time you running it flat then weighted. There should be less than 10% difference.

Now do you guys think at my age/level/speed, ill get injured racing 3 days after contrasting :o

Its a load issue if this is new to you it wouldn’t be best thing but depends on the method and level of resistance and contrast used! Maybe a light resistance with flying twentys no pull overspead

Ok, but going from resisted to flying 20s, wouldnt it differ a bit because acceleration mechanics and etc. are different than Max.V running?

Any kind or resistance will alter mechanics, using a light load will offer little change but some potentiation, load being something like 5k 3 days out wouldn’t really want to be doing too much though

No my question wasnt about mechanics. Im meaning to say if you do a resisted acceleration sprint (up to 30m) , then switch to a flying sprint which is max velocity, or a 60m sprint. Wont the contrast “effect” only be good for acceleration only WITHOUT the resistance, and not have an effect on top speed contrasting.

EDIT: I dont have a sled/tire, so I wanna use a dumbbell or plate + belt/rope, any thing i can do to keep it on the ground without it lifting up? since its only 10-15 pounds. :smiley:

the way we work with our contrast and i think as stated previously contrast training with resistance and overspeed is that it effects the top speed more then acc.

The resistance activates fibre full stop regardless of the following activity is the way i see it and have found

alright. so conclusion… you think by doing 3-4x30m resisted and then 4x60m at full speed, (no overspeed), thats the better choice given the race 3 days later.

3 days prior i would go with 2 30m resisted and 3 60m good recovery no pull overspeed at all that close to race, this is likely to the session for my guys tomorrow with a race on sat

ok thanks.

the goal is to peak 7 days later though.

sat: contrast
sun: rest
mon: tempo
tues: race (100)
wed: rest
thurs: starts
fri: rest
sat: meet

Oh ok, then I would do a little more of a session of contrast but not race mid week if the later race is your main aim but if you have to both then stick with the smaller session hope that helps