Tale of the Tape

Does anyone here wrap tape around their feet for comps? By this I’m talking about using tape (around the metatarsals) to make the feet more rigid in the spikes. I used this technique during the indoor season with adidas Demolisher Spikes (because the spike plate wasn’t rigid enough) with some sucess after seeing a few athletes (Collins,Campbell and Greene) at the Paris WCH with this tape around their feet. Charlie have you experimented with this idea before with Ben or the others? Is there a right and wrong way to do this? Should it be done in training as well or just in comp? What type of tape should be used?

I found that when i taped the feet i was alot taller (on the balls of my feet).

Any views or comments guys and gals?

Jason, can you describe how you tape. Do you just wrap it around the metatarsal? Did Maurice and Kim tape in the same way - we must be sure they didn’t suffer from some kind of injury/problem - although I doubt they all had the same problem.

I’m Not sure whether or not injuries played a part in it. As far as I know Kim was 100% at the World Champs. Basically the tape is wrapped around the middle of each both feet. Secure, but not so tight that it cuts of cirrculation.

In fact I’ve also seen it done by ballerena’s. Kim put the tape around his socks! Others (including myself) I’ve seen have put the tape on the skin.

Some place the tape around their socks b/c of alleric reactions to the type of tape and some people who are allergic have no choice, since a specific kind of tape is needed and not available in other materialitic properties. Some, simply feel that the sock itself provides a simple layer of comfort.

Regarding the type of tape - I would say leukotape is a good choice when taping your feet. Strong and sticky, preferably with a layer of tape-glue on your skin before you start wrapping it on.