Tabata method question

Would the tabata method* be useful as a non-track day workout for improving work capacity? i.e. does it induce significant CNS fatigue

*1) For twenty seconds, do as many repetitions as possible.
2) Rest for ten seconds
3) Repeat seven more times!
exercise used is something like front squat with very low weight
(from t-mag article by Dan John)

To stack another question on top of this one:

Would Tabatas a good way to develop aerobic/anaerobic capacity in athletes who are concerned with keeping their fast-twich fibers fast-twitch, or does this format zap FTs as well as a 30-minute jog?

My guess is that it’s better than LSD and worse than Tempo with respect to this, but I’d like to hear a more educated guess.


Most of the reason why i am curious is due to the training load being rather small suggests that the CNS demand would be low, but i am not exactly sure.

I am really wondering where this method fits on the continuum of CNS stresses.

Muscle fatigue would be the major problem not CNS fatigue.

Zaps FT fibers?

That is what i was thinking. I figure that since muscles take about (as a rule of thumb) 24hours to fully recover, i could do these on tempo days.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

I plan on introducing them at the end of my Saturday tempo workout and see how i recover from them. (As i take Sunday off and have the most time on sunday be able to do extra recovery protocols :slight_smile: )

I heard about the use of this method from some MMA guys i know. I think it might have a place for me (as i do both martial arts and sprinting).