Swiss Ball

I’m looking for the best swiss ball exercises that will add strength to my hams, abs, back…the entire body or whereever the swiss ball can help.

I also heard that the swiss ball can help you with stabilization …do any of you know any exercises that can help me stabilization with the swiss ball?

Also what are other benefits of the swiss ball? All input would be greatly appreciated.


Swiss Balls are great for sitting down on to rest between heavy sets of squats, cleans, push presses, good mornings, Glut ham raises, etc.

I picked up a great series of exercises from Strength and Conditioning Journal.

Put your feet up on the swiss ball, while you lay flat on your back on the ground. Lift your hips off the ground and hold for 10 seconds. Do this in sets of 6-10 x 10 seconds. Next, do hamstring curls while in that same position. Pull the heels to your butt and then extend back to straight.

They thrashed me good.

Agree with Bill

Maximum force in the prime movers is inhibited when unstable. This is why ‘irradiation’ works.

You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe

I feel that various pillar movements with the ball adds great variety and stress while not overloading the CNS like a sledgehammer or axe chop can…a lot of the “real world” or “strong man” stuff is total body and is exhausting…too exhausting.

You can shoot a cannon from a battleship!