SURVEY: Do you run better times with warm up tunes or without?

Has anyone found big differences in their times when they get psyched to tunes prior to a race? Or are times the same with or without?

I wan’t to know if I should add this to my meet routine.

certain songs really do it for me.
a big part of it i think is always listening to the same set of music and saving it for those times when you really need to get psyched up- in that way it is a sort of trigger for your brain to get prepared. I have been listening to the same music pre-meet for so long that if I listen to it outside of meet context, I get all those nervous, excited feelings automatically.

different things work for different people, give it a shot

I saw many of the olympic sprinters doing it. I find I struggle with so much anxiety, it almost ruins the fun of the meet. Maybe it will help me relax? But is that what you really want? I don’t know.

I find i can’t listen to music when i’m preparing for a race, i find that the music can and has in the past lose my focus for whatever race it is i’m doing. So i just go cold turkey so to speak…

in high school, in our locker room before we left for the stadium, we would always blare the same CD before every game… Disturbed… That CD got everyone pumped and ready to go…