Super slow weight training, thoughts?

i dont buy into the super slow method of training for athletes, but is there any reason for this type of training for the general public?

i think its fine for the general public, but only for a short peroid of time. as always the body will eventually adapt.

I seem to recall my exercise phys teacher saying that the BP levels can reach as high, if not higher, than during isometrics. So in other words No

The reasons for super slow training include:

  1. Increased time under tension
  2. Decreased contribution of SSC
  3. Prevent prior movement velocity easing path the through sticking point.

Eccentric training is a mode of SST and can be extremely effective if used for short, planned periods. See:

I do not advocate the use of SST during concentric actions since it may reduce RFD and anyway, F = ma!

As with all variations in tempo, SST does not easily permit progression to be quantified.

I think it has very limited use if you’re going by how the super slow purists promote it with a 10 sec con and 10 sec ecc. I think Kramer and or Fleck (don’t quote me on the researchers here)did something on it that indicated that tension produced with such slow tempos was sub-threshold and produced little if any training effect.

I followed a program of this nature for 2-3 weeks last year, and although I felt stronger, I had terrible pains in both elbow joints. I do not think it was due to lack of tendon strength because I went through a 4 week accumulation phase.

Its garbage. Only good for general fitness and that won’t work for long

I don’t like SST training, like David said, F=ma. If your talking about slow eccentrics, I believe they have their time and place in training depending on the athletes training age, strengths/weaknesses, goals, etc. IMO slow eccentrics may be more useful/applicable for rehabilitation purposes.

Excellent when used with unilateral bodyweight movements in GPP.